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Pink Dragon Golf


I am a people person but I also like to spend time on my own. My favorite color is pink but all the colors of the rainbow make me happy,


I most enjoy reading, writing, thinking, traveling, drawing, singing, dancing, baking and spending time with my family. When I am not eating, sleeping, doing homework, or my chores, I am on the golf course trying to make sense of it all.


Because I have the privilege of living on the 7th hole, and my mom can see me from nearly every window in the house, it is one of the few places on earth that I can go and truly be alone.  I love it when the sun is starting to set and I can dump a basket of multicolored balls every which way, put on my oversized pink headphones, push play on matching pink iPod (thanks Uncle Chester), and putt until the stars start to shine. I am most at home on my green-and-pink polka-dotted world.


When I am not on the golf course, I am cross training through tae kwon do, tennis, ballet, gymnastics, and swimming. I also have the pleasure of meditating and studying with mom, and sprinting hills, running stairs, and basically drilling in every way known to humanity with dad. Ultimately, however, I am a beach girl. I learned to surf in the South Pacific last summer, and wish I could live by the sea. I would become very good at getting out of sand traps!


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