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Pink Dragon Golf


My name is Sofia Love and I was born in Marin County, California in July, 2005. I can't remember a time when I didn't play golf. I have always loved the feel of the green grass on my bare feet, the smell of the warm, pastel sunshine as I take a deep breath, the sound of the perfectly round ball gracefully "going home," and the magnificent sight of wildlife, friends, and family who help me manage the ups and downs of the course. Golf is a game that allows me to practice stillness and peacefulness while I train my inner and outer strength.  It teaches me to concentrate and focus with purpose and kindness. Golf forces me to be accepting and fierce simultaneously. Playing golf allows me to celebrate the beauty of this world and reminds me to be thankful everyday because I have the privilege of playing the greatest game on God's green earth in my very front and back yard. 


I am grateful to my family for encouraging and inspiring me.  My dad has given me physical toughness, my mom has taught me mental and emotional strength, and my brother Bodhi has tested my patience and reminded me to always have fun.


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