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Pink Dragon Golf



Alex, my coach and mentor, inspires me with his technical expertise and incredible humanity.  Soft spoken and wise, we spend much of our time together discussing routines, habits, commitment, responsibility, strength, and incremental progress.


During practice, Alex watches, questions, listens, and suggests without judgement. He reminds me that things "are as they are," "the body will find a way," and "in time, all will take care of itself."  He also says that "at 65 miles an hour, the ball will only contact the club for 1/20 of a thousandths of a second," so I best make the most of it!


Alex is a direct and encouraging teacher. He reminds me that to be great, I must find the "ignition" within myself, enjoy every moment of play, and practice patiently and precisely, every day.  Alex's faith in me inspires me to be my best. I feel so lucky to have him as my coach.



Alex Murray is an award-winning graduate from the British PGA Academy at The Belfry. In 2010, Alex was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the top twenty instructors under forty in the nation. Alex coaches a number of top professionals from the PGA, Nationwide and LPGA tours as well as many of the region’s professionals, college players, nationally ranked juniors and top amateur players.

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