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As you think, so shall you become. Buddha

My parents have always reminded me of my super powers. They have told me that whatever I think about, will end up actually happening. This is true with both positive and negative thoughts. The best example of the negative thoughts coming true happened nearly every night during family dinners in first grade.

It was a warm evening, and I was suddenly very thirsty. Instead of asking for help, I was determined to do it myself. The glass pitcher was cold and I could feel the water drops on my fingers as I picked it up. It was heavier than I thought. In that instant, the conversations all around me stopped and as I began to pour, I saw four sets of blue and green eyes starring at me. Some were filled with terror, others were strangely curious, and I suddenly panicked. My glass tipped under the weight of the pitcher, and water went everywhere. My mom laughed and ran for the paper towels, my little brother was thrilled that he didn't do it, my "big sister" was stunned, and my dad continued eating his wet food shaking his head, annoyingly unsurprised.

This dinner fiasco repeated itself nearly every night. The more I thought about not spilling the water, the more I spilled it. I was so focused on trying not to make a mistake or be the "clumsy one" that I become the one who always flooded the dinner table. Gradually, frustration was replaced by jokes, and I accepted that I would use the non-breakable glasses. My mom insisted that I continue to pour my own water no matter the consequences, and as a result of her faith, she was the one that always had to help me dry everything in sight! Soon, I didn't care, and surprisingly, the spilling stopped -- well, mostly.

Since then, I have seen the power of my thoughts in great ways and not such great way, and I am much more purposeful now. Whenever I can remember (and I am getting better every day) I think kind, happy, good thoughts. When I approach my golf ball, I greet it with a smile because no matter where it goes, I know it will be OK. Then, I line up, connect my body to my mind, and wish the ball well. I always think to myself, "Go home ball, go home...." And in the perfect moment before I swing, I can see the ball fall into the hole!


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